About Us




OIVA is located in Jaun, Switzerland. We sell in our online shop beauty and wellness products as well as sauna accessories to all parts of Switzerland. 

At OIVA we believe that wellness and beauty rituals should be a fun and enjoyable part of our everyday life. We hope to be a part of creating these moments through our hand-picked products and blog ideas


We have in our selection original Finnish sauna accessories and products:

Finland has a long-standing culture of wellness, closely linked to the Finns’ love of the natural environment that surrounds them. Sauna bathing in Finland is a way of life, thought by some, to have been brought in the area by first settlers some 9000 years ago. Spirit of the people is woven into the Finnish products and crafts: the love of nature, attention to detail, and simple, honest designs. 


We, a team of Finnish and Swiss, launched OIVA to give you the possibility to experience wellness and sauna rituals at home. We hope you find our products interesting and love them as we do!


We thank you for choosing us and supporting small businesses!


<3 : OIVA Team

Maija, Frank & Tomppa