What are sheet masks?

Sheet masks are fabric masks impregnated with an abundance of active ingredients: serums or essences. They were originally developed for the Korean skincare routine. The term “mask” refers to the sheet with which the active ingredients are better locked into the skin.  The “sheet” is made of thin fabric or gelatinous hydrogel.

They are individually packaged and surrounded by an active ingredient. Using a sheet mask can therefore be summed up to be a way to better absorb the desired active ingredient into the skin. When the fabric mask is worn the active ingredients do not evaporate due to the sheet. All the benefits are left to soak in and be absorbed by the skin.

Sheet masks act as an effective instant relief slash beautifier. They are especially popular when sauna bathing, before and after parties, after air travel and when the seasons change and the skin is stressed due to frost, for example.

Sheet masks are also used at home as an easy everyday spa moment.

Korean skincare aims for skincare to be an enjoyable part of everyday life hence it is sometimes referred to as skintertainment – which combines the word skin and entertainment. Indeed, many Korean cosmetics brands invest in eye-catching packaging and products that bring joy – or a sense of luxury in everyday life.

Sheet masking and sauna

Sheet masks give the best result and are most effective when combined with sauna bathing. This is due to the effects of the sauna on the skin.

Sweating removes impurities from the skin so a sauna combined with a good washing of the skin results in cleaner skin than just showering. As the heat of the sauna opens the skin pores after a sauna, the skin is more receptive to skincare products.

In Korea, sheet masks are often used in local saunas, Jimjilbangs. The custom of masking after the sauna is also slowly finding its way to other countries.

Using sheet masks:

The Sheet mask allows a larger amount of the active ingredient to be absorbed into the skin and moisturizes the skin efficiently. It can replace the use of regular serum or it can be used in addition to serum.

The mask should be placed on cleansed skin.

If you use a serum or a toner, you apply it to the skin before the mask. 

Place the mask on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. It is important NOT to keep the mask on for too long. When dry, the mask can start absorbing moisture from the skin itself!

When removing the mask pat the unabsorbed serum on the skin. After, you can continue your skincare routine normally with moisturizer.

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