Sauna bathing is an ancient ritual to heal the body and forget about the stresses of working life. Taking the sauna is a physical and sensory experience. A pleasant sauna fragrance can enhance this experience.

Smoke sauna aroma gives the impression of the traditional smoke sauna that still has a special place in the hearts of Finnish people.

By using a fragrance you can change the atmosphere of the sauna to match your mood. If you long for a summer forest in the middle of the winter, you can add a summer forest or a herb scent to the sauna. To create a winter feeling, you can add a winter spices scent. If you long for an old traditional sauna experience, you can use wood tar or smoke sauna scents.

How to use a sauna fragrance?

  • Always dilute the product in water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not exceed the recommended amount.
  • The fragranced water should not be in direct contact with the skin.
  • The fragranced water should always be in a separate pail or bucket than the water used for washing.
  • You should not store the fragrance in the sauna. Especially, not in the warmest part of the sauna

In our post about sauna whisks, we give instructions on how to use and how to make your own sauna whisk. The sauna whisk creates a natural scent in the sauna.

Birch tree branches have traditionally been made into sauna whisks. Before use, the whisks are immersed in the bucket of water from which the water is thrown onto the sauna stones to create steam or löyly in Finnish. This “birch tree water” gives the sauna a pleasant scent that has been further developed into sauna fragrances used nowadays.

Vihta or Vasta is a traditional sauna whisk made of birch tree branches

We have chosen to our collection in OIVA shop the traditional Finnish sauna fragrances as well as some more “exotic” new fragrances like arctic berry and honey & herbs.

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